Meet Volt UK's candidates for the London Assembly Elections

On Thursday 2nd May, London residents will go to the polls to elect their new Mayor and elect a new London Assembly (London's regional parliament). Volt UK is proud to support the Rejoin EU London list.

Apr 30, 2024
Picture of Trafalgar Square, looking down all the way to the Big Ben

By Pierce Robinson & Francesco Lobina

Volt UK will be standing 3 candidates as part of the Rejoin EU London-wide list. On Thursday 2nd May, Londoners will have 3 important votes to cast: one for the Mayor, one for their local Assembly constituency, and one for the London-wide list of parties. We're asking Londoners to use their third vote for Rejoin EU and elect people committed to rebuilding London’s relationship with Europe.

Meet our candidates below!

Marianne Mandujano

Marianne MandujanoMarianne lives in Hammersmith, and has spent many years working to improve the lives of Londoners

Hear from Marianne in her own words - “Since the UK left the EU, the free movement of Europeans to and from London has been disrupted, cutting off London's vital European connections. We want to introduce a London residency permit for EU nationals as a temporary measure, and boost funding for exchange programs like Erasmus.

Our long-term goal is to reintegrate London, and the wider UK, into the EU. We will also advocate for more funding for local community organizations, supporting a diverse and inclusive London.

Volt aims to create a united Europe where citizens and residents can reach their potential and achieve high standards of human, social, environmental, and technical development, jointly addressing the critical challenges of the 21st century.”

Alessandro Gallo

Alessandro Gallo

Alessandro lives in Wandsworth and is originally from Italy. He is committed to reforming London’s broken housing market, to ease the pressure on renters and first-time buyers

Hear from Alessandro in his own words - "London's housing is unaffordable for many, threatening the city's global status. We want to harmonize local policies with broader EU standards to ensure affordability and fairness, and promote reforms at local and national levels that support renters and first-time buyers, drawing on successful European models.

Our strategy includes long-term shifts to reduce the influence of banks and developers, and immediate measures like rent controls and stricter law enforcement. We advocate for modern, community-based living solutions and a housing-first approach to end homelessness.

Housing is a fundamental right. Prior public control was effective before market forces dominated, leading to the current crisis. Building homes for profit alone cannot solve affordability issues. Therefore, we will restore public control and advocate for more social housing to be built or purchased."

Charlotte Blake

Charlotte BlakeCharlotte lives in Camden and has spent her whole life in London. She is a passionate campaigner in reforming Britain's broken electoral system.

Hear from Charlotte in her own words: "Our current First Past the Post (FPTP) system, which favors two-party dominance, often marginalizes smaller parties and stifles diverse political views. This was evident when the Conservative Party won a large majority with only 44% of the vote, allowing them to frequently bypass Parliament.

This system also reduces the effectiveness of local democracy, notably in London, where mayoral elections have reverted to FPTP, reducing voter representation.

Volt UK backs the Single Transferable Vote (STV) for proportional representation, aiming to improve fairness, boost voter engagement, and create an inclusive political landscape. Moving from FPTP, like much of Europe, is key for a more democratic UK."

London - on Thursday 2nd May, use your third vote for Rejoin EU and Volt!