Meet Volt UK's candidates standing in the 2024 General Election

On the 4th of July, UK Citizens will head to the polls to elect our new parliamentary representatives.

Jun 18, 2024

By James Rawle

2024 UK General Election

We are proud to announce our candidates standing in this election that seek to bring a change to the political field that will fight to improve the standards of living for everyday people, to regain our respected international status of our great country and reignite the spark of our democratic institutions to ensure that all people are treated fairly.

On the 22nd of May 2024, Rishi Sunak called a snap election which has offered a chance for Britain to change its current route from the disarray and chaos that it has been experiencing since 2015. We have a chance to bring real and meaningful change to this country and set it on a better path, the following candidates hope to deliver this change and re-ignite our nation's democratic spark


  • Annaliese Cude

Annalise Cude, the candidate standing for Newton Abbot

Annaliese Info

At the age of 19 Annaliese is young and wants to bring a fresh perspective to the community of Newton Abbot. Born and raised in Newton she understands the unique challenges and opportunities within Newton. Annaliese entered politics with a profound belief in unity and cooperation and the way Brexit has jeopardised these fundamental beliefs. Growing up Annaliese has witnessed the divisive impact Brexit has had in her constituency and country overall and aims to push for policies that will bring us together and strengthening our ties with Europe.

Annaliese's Top Points and Concerns

  • Cost of Living Crisis

    As your voice in parliament, I pledge to promote the development of a green economy which works for all

  • Brexit

    Farmers, growers and producers are the backbone of our local economy, I pledge to challenge Brexit which has so harmed our constituency and which other parties won't

  • Unemployment

    Additionally, I aim to tackle unemployment and the lack of opportunities faced by too many in our area by promoting local industries, the move to green technologies and encouraging investment in education and training

Annaliese's Closing Statement

Join me in building a brighter future for Newton Abbot. Together we can make a difference.

  • Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes, our candidate standing for Stroud

Jason Info

Jason Hughes is our candidate for Stroud in which he hopes to bring ease to his local constituents and address the concerns they have with the current state of the country and bring about meaningful change that has been neglected by both main parties. He is a father, volunteer football couch and lawyer, He enjoys interacting and engaging with his fellow constituents especially at his local bar.

Jason's Top Points and Concerns

  • End The Cost-of-Living Crisis

    Brexit has hurt our economy. We are all being held back. The Tories and Labour are too scared to talk about it.

    Vote Volt and tell No. 10 That YOU want to Re-join the EU

  • Tackle Catastrophic Climate Change

    We want to be a driving force in developing green technologies and solutions for Britain and the World. We want to Re-join the EU so that Europe, United can stand up to the World's biggest CO2 polluters

  • Fix Broken Britain

    Vote Volt to invest in our NHS, fix our crumbling Roads and unblock the housing crisis by taxing vacant properties and reforming the right to but scheme to re-invest in fresh new housing stock

  • Restore Our Democracy

    We will reorganise democracy so that policy and decision making are debated and voted upon Locally. We will give Local communities financial and decision-making control over the services that matter to you

Jason's Closing Statement

If you want real change Vote Volt. Only together can we make a difference

Vote Volt

On the 4th of July you can help by using your vote to help bring about change to this country and change course from the current chaos and disarray to a better prosperous future.

A Bright Future is Possible