Rejoin the EU

Britain's future lies in Europe. This is how we can rejoin the EU.

Rejoin the EU

Many of the challenges we face in the 21st century such as climate change, economic prosperity, security, and social protection, cannot be solved by looking at problems from a national perspective. The European Union has been a major contributor towards peace and prosperity in Europe for over 70 years and Volt believes it can be the driving force for current challenges on our shared continent as well. 

The UK’s 2016 decision to leave the EU and shut down many of the paths towards greater cooperation needlessly complicates the ability to address such challenges, bringing no tangible benefit to either side and diminishing both the United Kingdom and the European Union. The UK’s place is at the heart of Europe and Volt therefore strongly advocates that the UK should rejoin the EU as a full and active member as soon as possible.

Volt realises that after years of antagonism and emotionally charged debate the road may not be straightforward and supports the strengthening of links wherever possible to build positive reciprocity. We propose a number of intermediary steps to prepare the UK for eventual membership and alleviate some of the immediate political and economic concerns that have arisen due to Brexit.

Restore Freedom of Movement

The UK is the only nation in Northern or Western Europe without a freedom of movement (FoM) agreement with the EU. The hardships of this were brought home with Covid-19, with many families torn apart by travel restrictions. This self-imposed isolation has not just harmed families, but also our economy and long-term prosperity.

Rejoin Erasmus

Leaving the Erasmus+ programme has reduced our student’s abilities to grow and learn. Whilst Turing alleviates some concerns, it does not bring back enough benefits to outweigh the costs of leaving Erasmus+ and the access students have to European research institutions.

Work more closely with Europol

Brexit has meant the UK has ceased to be a member of Europol, the law enforcement agency of the EU, with which it currently has no operational agreement. To protect British citizens from criminal activity, we believe it is imperative to ensure close cooperation with Europol as soon as possible, limiting the ability of organised crime and other illicit activity to impact our daily lives.

Rejoin Euratom

The UK is not planning on rejoining Euratom, a key organisation for the development of fission and fusion projects and will instead fund domestic research. We believe this to be the wrong, and more expensive, choice that prolongs a long-term transition away from fossil fuels. 

Don't diverge from EU laws

We propose the establishment of an independent body to monitor the divergence and convergence of UK and EU law, facilitating the understanding by the public and government to make decisions towards re-accepting EU laws and guidelines. The main aim of such a body should be the preparation of individuals, businesses and other organisations, for the reintroduction of EU laws, and ensure that any process is as clear and complication free as possible.

The 5+1 Challenges

Volt has defined 5+1 fundamental Challenges that need to be tackled in each European country and in Europe as a whole.

Why 5 + 1 Challenges?

The 5 Challenges are basically the same for every country, but their implementation can be adapted on the national level to take into account local realities.

The +1 Challenge – our proposal to reform and strengthen the EU – is identical across all our national programmes.

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  • 01

    Smart State

    Education and digitalisation are key elements of the 21st century

  • 02

    Economic Renaissance

    An innovative economy must be the engine of society's progress

  • 03

    Social Equality

    No-one should be left behind - no matter their gender, income, religion. or origin

  • 04

    Global Balance

    Europe needs to assume responsibility for its role in global challenges

  • 05

    Citizen Empowerment

    People must be empowered to influence politics beyond elections alone

  • +1

    EU Reform

    We love the EU - this doesn't mean there is no room for improvement