Luis Perdigao

“Let's create a better Britain and Europe”

Dr. Luis Perdigao is the Treasurer of Volt UK. He is originally from Portugal and has lived in the UK for over 20 years where he now has a family with three children while Warwickshire has become his home.

He completed a PhD in Physics at the University of Birmingham, and then worked as a research scientist in France and later on in the UK, where he continued research in the field of nanoscience, microscopy and software development. He loves Britain and its culture, Elton John, pub food like scampi and chips, cider, park runs, orienteering, TV comedies like The Office and ‘Allo ‘Allo!, and he greatly admires the UK’s technical and scientific achievements.

But like so many others who have moved here from abroad, Brexit has left him concerned about the future that he and his family, friends and all British people will face in this country. He is deeply worried about the future of the UK and Europe as consequences of Brexit are felt and he feels that reversing it is urgent. What motivates him to do science and programming is that his work matters and benefits humanity. The same motivation pushed him to get politically active and really make a change.

The main goal of Luis is to make Britain rejoin the European Union and to turn it in to a modern, sustainable, equitable, and connected nation that engages peacefully with its neighbours. UK interests have been better defended in the European Parliament and Council. And so are UK development, best shared and further developed with its friendly neighbours. UK and Europe make trading more effective with a free trade arrangement. Human rights are the most important to Luis, for a solid foundation for both the UK’s and Europe’s future.

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